Setlist is for Everyone. And we mean EVERYONE.

Are you hosting a party? Don't want to worry about the music all night? Don't want that friend of yours to constantly playing their favorite but unknown songs all night? Setlist can let ALL your friends choose the music before hand. So when the party starts, you can just click play and walk away.

Are you a DJ? Why take requests the old way? Having people request songs that won't fit in with the theme of the night isn't good for anyone. Now you can tell them which songs they can request. And you'll know which songs are the most popular, and only play those. Ensuring that the dance floor will be full all night long!

Are you in a band? Why not let the fans choose the song you play at the end of show?

The options are limitless, and Setlist REALLY is for everybody.
Setlist is fun and easy to use. It's fully integrated with Facebook. Which allows you to create Facebook events and invite all your Facebook friends all from within the Setlist Application.

Attending A Setlist Event:

To vote for songs at a Setlist Event, you have to make sure you set your RSVP status to "Attending". Maybe isn't going to cut it. We want you there, and if you're going to vote, you'll want to show up. Go to the Attending Events Page to see which events you're attending are Setlist Events.

Select the event by clicking on the name of the event. Once all the songs are shown, you can start voting. You'll notice 2 numbers. Votes Made, and Votes Remaining. This will help you keep track on how many votes you have left. To vote on a song, simply click on the name of the song. A pop up will be shown with 6 boxes from 0-3. This lets you tell the party how much you like this song. 1 vote says "It's good enough for me to vote on it". While 3 votes says "I NEED this song played!!". It's up to you how you decide to divide up your voting points. You can change your mind at any time by clicking on the song again and changing the number.

If the number of songs to vote on is a little over whelming, you can click on the Filter Songs button. This will let you filter the songs by Artist, Album, Genre, and Songs you already voted on.

If you need help with this process, check out the discussion boards, or our blog.

For Event Hosts:

Step 1: Create Your iTunes Playlist (Video Tutorial)

The iTunes Playlist is the list of songs that your guests will be voting on. So it's vital that you choose wisely as ANY of these songs could make the top votes. It's also a good idea to check through all the songs making sure all the Song, Artist, Album, and Genre names are correct. It'll make it easier for your guests to find and vote on the songs.

Step 2: Export Your iTunes Playlist

Right click your playlist with your mouse. A sub menu will appear.
Choose the " Export.." option.
You will then be prompted to choose the location where you want to save the playlist file. It's easiest to choose your desktop as you'll be needing this file for the next step.

Step 3: Upload Your Playlist File to Setlist

Go to the My Playlists Page. On the left side, under the UPLOAD heading you will see a choose file button. Once you click that, you will be prompted to select a file. Find your newly exported Playlist, Select it, and click open. Once uploaded, your list of playlists on the right will refresh, and your new playlist is ready to use!

Step 4: Get your Event Setup

You can either create an event using Setlist, or convert one you're already hosting. Go to the Created Events Page. On the right side, you will see a "Create a New Event" button, and a "View Your Non-Setlist Events" button. Clicking "Create a New Event" is straight forward, and will allow you to create a new Setlist event which will also add the event to facebook. The "View Your Non-Setlist Events" button displays how many facebook events you've created that are NOT Setlist Events. Clicking on this buttons shows these events to you, and allows you to make them Setlist Events.

Step 5: Give Your Event A Playlist

Once your event is created or converted, you can add as many playlists to the event as you want. Simply go to the Created Events Page, click on your event, and click the "Add" button which is beside the PLAYLISTS heading. All of your uploaded playlists will be shown. Click on the one you want for this event. That's it. Your guests can NOW vote on any of those songs in that playlist.

Step 6: Voting Complete: Export Playlist

If you're hosting a party, and just want the music to play on its own, then you'll want to export the new Playlist with all the songs that everyone voted on. Once all the voting is done, go to the Created Events Page, and click on your event. Above the list of songs on the right there is a "Export Playlist" button. Once clicked, you will be prompted to save the file. Make note where you save this file, as you'll need it in the next step.

Step 7: Import Votes Into iTunes

Open your iTunes. Select "File" at the top left of the program. Then select "Library", and then finally "Import Playlist..". You will be prompted to select a file. Find and select the file you JUST exported from Setlist. (Defaultly the file name begins with "SETLISTEXPORT"). Once imported, you'll see a new playlist in your iTunes that begins with "Setlist Presents:" Followed by the Name of the Event, and then by the Date of the event. For example, Event Titled "My Birthday" on "May 5th 2011" would create a playlist titled "Setlist Presents: My Birthday (05/05/2010)". Depending on how you sort the songs, you can play them from the least popular songs to the most, or the opposite. It's up to you, it's your party!

Tips and Tricks

For variations, or other detailed options, check out the Blogs and Discussion Boards.