With Setlist you don't have to create a new login. You just use the Facebook account you already have.

Setlist uses 'Facebook Connect' which lets you use Setlist with all your Facebook events and friends.

Just click the power button above, and you will be redirected to log into your Facebook account.
Half the fun of Setlist is creating an event. You are able to see in real time, which songs of yours that your guests are choosing.

Using an iTunes playlist, you upload a list of songs which your guests are able to vote for. Since it's YOU who chooses all the votable songs, you don't have to worry about 'bad' songs getting selected.

The music at your party will good because it's YOUR music.
Voting for songs is what Setlist is all about. You are given voting points, and you can use them any way you choose.

Do you like certain songs, but LOVE others? You can use 1 - 5 votes on any given song.

Sure, more songs can be voted on with only a single point, but you're more likely to have your favorites played if you use 5. It's a tough decision, but it's all yours to make.
Now that the votes have been made, it's time get the music going. Depending on what kind of party it is you have multiple choices.

Want the music to play without any interaction? OK! You can just export the playlist from Setlist and import it back into iTunes. Once you press play, it'll play the songs from lowest voted to highest.

Are you a DJ? That works too! You can print out the list of songs to play. Play all of them, or just play the top 5 throughout the night.

No matter how they're played, your guests will love to hear their favorite songs.